The power of this opportunity is that in order to have maximum impact we must share health with our communities.  

—Madeleine Pidel

It’s about paying it forward.

I want everyone to have what I’ve been given.


– Melinda Usandivaras

I am creating a life of freedom and abundance that lights me up every day.


– Laurisa Truemper

I am building a career that fulfills me, challenges me, surrounds me with positive people and, most importantly, allows me to bring my entire self to the table.

– Jen Morris

The Thrive Now Network is passionate about health and living life by design.

We are committed to helping you THRIVE.

Thrive in your HEALTH.

Thrive in your LIFE.

Pallavi Sastry

Partnering with Thrive Now and Shaklee was supposed to be a way to get out of waitressing and be a full time Actor. What I got was an income that keeps growing, a way to truthfully be of service to my loved ones and community, constant inspiration to dream bigger, and near perfect health. Oh…and I’m also a full time Actor now.

Rebecca Sadek & Jed Blumenfeld

Four years ago I took what seemed like a risky chance and left the corporate world to start my own business. I can now say that it was the best decision I have ever made. Not having to make a choice between staying home with my daughter and earning career income has been an amazing blessing.

Jen Morris

First I got healthy. Then I started helping others get healthy. By simply doing this, I’ve been able to live a life I didn’t think possible. I create my own schedule, work with people I love and respect and travel the world. Quite simply, it’s a winning combination.

Melinda & Pablo Usandivaras

I have been given the opportunity to pair my entrepreneurial side with my dream of building a happy, healthy family. Not only have I reached an income level that is higher than what I was paid in my corporate job, I work on my own time, with people I want to work with, and I have the freedom to focus on a niche and community that I want to support.