About the Thrive Now Network

One person can start a movement.

Make a lifestyle, not a living.

You shouldn't have to dread Mondays.

Collaboration, not competition.

The Thrive Now Network is a dynamic community of health and freedom advocates from across the country and internationally. We proudly partner with the number one natural nutrition company in the United States, Shaklee Corporation, utilizing their long-standing product and business platform as a vehicle to share preventative health solutions and a sustainable business opportunity.

We love helping people live healthy lives and thrive financially.

TNN is one of the fastest-growing teams in Shaklee and our diversity, spirit and unique community make us perfectly positioned to help you achieve your health and income aspirations.


Broadway Actors

Business Owners

Personal Trainers

Health Coaches



Commercial and TV Actors

Real Estate Agents

Product Managers




Pilates Instructors



Physical Therapists

Yoga Teachers




…and more.

A note from our team leader…

Six years ago, I was unhealthy, overwhelmed with life, and horribly uninspired. I was constantly sick, 30 lbs heavier than I’d ever been, and working jobs that sucked the remaining life out of me. I felt STUCK and didn’t know where to turn. Then a friend shared some products with me. I was skeptical. But eventually, I decided to learn more and try something new. That decision changed everything.

Six years later, I’m the healthiest I’ve ever been. I run a successful business on my own time and schedule. My business has taken me all over the world and still allowed me time to have a life outside of work. I spend my days helping others and working with my incredible team, most of whom I did not know until this journey brought them into  my life.  Whether you are interested in improving your health, practicing preventative health, being a conscious consumer or partnering with us to create a more abundant lifestyle by helping others on their journey, I encourage you to dip a toe in the water and explore the possibilities that the Thrive Now Network can offer you and your loved ones. Go ahead…dream again.

– Jen Morris

Meet some of our dynamic and talented team members…

Gabrielle Ruiz

Broadway Actress

Rebecca Sadek & Jed Blumenfeld

Health Coach, Financial Services

Kristen Calgaro


Melinda & Pablo Usandivaras

Health Coach, Advertising

Megan Densmore

Athlete, Actor

Deborah Horton

Fitness Instructor & Trainer

Anneka Street

Health Coach & Mother

Julie DiBella

Health Coach

Sara Goff

Health Coach, Yoga Instructor

Pallavi Sastry

Stage & TV Actor

Madeline Pidel

Business Owner, Mother

Lindsay Malejko

Yoga Studio Owner, Mother

Newelle McDonald & Tom Fuld

Business Owners, Parents

Mariana Sanchez

Dance Studio Owner, Mother

Courtney Rains

Health Coach, Yoga Instructor

Laurisa Truemper

Health Coach

Ami Whelan

Attorney, Mother

Kim Caldwell

Media Business Owner, Lingerie Expert

Becca Coren

Personal Trainer

Alionka Polanco

Life Coach

Jay Lynn Carroll

Personal Trainer

Clare Howes Eisentrout

Health Coach

Samantha Tuchfeld

Yoga Instructor, Writer

Kathryn Cohen

Non-Profit Management

Gemma Shumaker


Mariana Coelho


Jason Lawergren


Mona Laru

Health & Meditation Coach

Anja Moreno

Health Coach

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