Living life by design, not by default.

No matter what your lifestyle goal is, you can achieve it.

Meet a few TNN members who are realizing their dreams and building their futures.

Rebecca Sadek & Jed Blumenfeld


In early 2010, Rebecca found herself facing a choice; stay home and raise her daughter, or earn an income. Deciding that this was not a choice she was willing to make, she took a huge risk, leaving her corporate job behind to partner with Thrive Now and Shaklee. Fortunately this risk as paid off as it has afforded her the opportunity to stay home raising her daughter while still being able to have a career. In 2013, just 3 years after founding her own business, Rebecca along with the help and support of her husband, Jed, was able to earn a six-figure income while working from home. This was the balance she had always wanted for her family.

Health Coaches

Julie Dibella, Certified Health Coach

Partnering with Shaklee has not only allowed me to provide quality and effective products to my clients, it has given me a reliable second source of income that I can count on month after month.

Fitness Professionals

Deborah Horton, Fitness Instructor

My Shaklee business allows me to offer even better health and wellness options to my clients and members, and fits into my crazy teaching, training and performing schedule. I can take my business on the road or to the beach and I get to work with some of my favorite people in the world. There is room for long term financial growth and stability – something that is hard to find in both the fitness and performing arts industries (my two loves)!

Performing Artists

Gabrielle Ruiz, Broadway Actress

I can truly say that I have found another Passion in New York City to happily work for daily. Shaklee has enriched my spirits and has made me happy again in every aspect of my life.


A business that travels with you.

Sara Goff, Health Coach & Yoga Instructor

As an entrepreneur for the last 10 years, I am so grateful for Shaklee’s addition to my life! The sustainable, passive income opportunity is a HUGE asset for anyone operating a business, and the community of friends I get to call business partners constantly support, inspire, and motivate me. As someone who loves to travel and prioritizes location independence, having a business that can go where I go almost feels too good to be true!

Planning for tomorrow, today.

Ami Whelan, Attorney & Mother

Several years ago, I took on a personal mission to get my health back on track and help instill healthy habits for my husband, Terry and my daughter, Danielle. The process was transformative and lead to a new career as a health advocate and wellness consultant. I now fully see the power of prevention for my health AND for my finances.

Traveling the world. Living my dream.

When I first set out to build my business and take control of my dreams, I decided that a part of my future would be traveling the world and sharing those experiences with my loved ones. Over the last few years, that dream has become a reality…more than once. From Kenya and London with my sister, Mexico with my Mom and Dad, Paris with my boyfriend and the Southern Caribbean with my brother, sister AND my parents, Shaklee has afforded me and my family an opportunity to see the world without draining our bank accounts.

– Jen Morris

What adventure awaits you?